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Q: Why should I upgrade to the HD Media Tour?
3 Key Areas:
Interactive viewer that can go full screen, Tours post to the top 9 National Sites;
Realtor, Google, Yahoo, Oodle, HomeSeekers, Zillow, Trulia, Homes & YouTube,

Receive a weekly sellers report showing all activity. 
All this for an extra $20, money well spent

Q: Are you going to put my tour on MLS?
No. Only the agent can take care of this. We can assist with printed instructions or you may give us a call and we will be happy to walk you though the process over the phone.

Q: Which websites do we link the tour to?
With a live listing page we can post directly to & FREE of charge.

Q: How long does the filming process take?
On average, each shoot only takes about 20-30 minutes a bit longer for extra scenes or stills.

Q: Can you order a tour without an MLS #?
Yes, we only need it for final posting to the National sites, &

Q: Which style of tour is best 360 x 360, Pano or Slide Show?
They each have Pros & Cons. We can help you pick the best one once we see the home. We know the 360° helps show how rooms are joined together. The Pano is a flatter scene that goes from left to right (about 180°) showing just the good stuff. The Slide Show shows the best detail and uses a lot of stills 12-14 on average - and therefore can give the most coverage.

Q: When do I schedule the filming of my listing?
You can do this after the order is created or call your photographer directly. They set their own appointments, and strive to get each order filmed as soon as possible.

Q: How long before I get the tour?
The tour needs to be scheduled first. Each photographer sets their own appointments. Once filmed, we will process the tour (build it) the next day, and on the following morning we will send the links out via E-Mail.

Q: What if the MLS changes? How do I get the tour back on Can you do that for me?
Yes, we call it a RePost and the fee is $9.95. We will go in and reprocess the tour to the new MLS#, and an updated link will be sent to you as well. You will need to put the link on MLS.

Q: Are you going to put the tour on my personal website?
No, we do not have the accessability to do this. You can do it just like posting to MLS.

Q: Do you have to be a real estate agent to order a Media tour?
No, we can make a link for anyone. It's just up to them to post it to whatever sites they wish.